glitch patch (10/12/12)
New version 2.23 is out, it has some very important updates if you want it to work on the latest PHP versions.

glitch patch (11/16/11)
fixed glitch where follow-up comment wasn't escaped in sql query

stricter HTML in box layout (3/28/11)
The table properties are edited to keep intact alignment when the guestbook is incorporated into an external layout

recaptcha'd! (1/11/11)
Google reCAPTCHA has been implemented into iPei
It's possible to have all 3 captchas running

v2.0 again (6/9/06)
If you downloaded v2 before 6/9/06 noon please re-download, there was a small bug
sorry for the inconvenience

v2.0 Released! (6/9/06)
revamped menu layout and graphics for easier navigation
changed page numbering of navigation, larger number are later entries
dual-captcha image-number confirmation (have option to use either one)
slight change to captcha1 image algorithm
added an time-related spam-detection feature
certain spam keywords can be banned in slist.dat
better looking smilies listing
fixed null email and homepage icons' background color
more efficient traverse ip banlist
added spamfilter options in config.php (use 2 for more aggressive IP ban)
added code to record number of blocked spam
   (debug use, need iPei_spam_block.sql)

Latest Version: v1.92 (for PHP4+/MySQL)
added IP Ban list [with wildcard]
  (owners may edit it or download updated spammer ban list from iPei website)
fixed 'NO index' feature and made it optional in config

Latest Version: v1.9 (for PHP4+/MySQL)
Implemented catchpa feature! visitors will now need to enter a randomly generated number-image. The image will be slightly distorted to confuse spam-robots, best solution to spams yet. (feature can be turned on/off)
Also disabled referrals on outgoing links from Homepage URL

Latest Version: v1.8 (for PHP4+/MySQL)
updated HTML tag restriction
guestbook owner can now select allowed HTML tags
more secure posts to combat spam
auto-redirect to VIEW after posting

fixed a variable bug in tools.php

Latest Version: v1.7 (for PHP4/MySQL)
fixed :O smilie
tougher restriction on length of single word to constrain entry box within limit
changed some codes to display guestbook entries in more desirable format
took out smilie initialization/helper when $sss is off
minor modification to comment display
minor layout change to edit page

Latest Version: v1.6 (for PHP4/MySQL)
comment feature fully usable
added 71 unique yahoo emoticons
added smilies helper page
new variable to config.php to change smilie setting
strip <pre> html tag
word chunking to prevent text extending beyond border

Uploaded a newer version of 1.2 that fixes a minor glitch in admin feature.

Latest Version: v1.2 (for PHP4/MySQL)
fixed a link error in page navigation
added tools.php (for mass prune)
created a folder for images
strip html tags <iframe> and <script>
entry box layout tuning
can display comments (reserved for later use)

Uploaded a newer version of 1.0 that fixes a small navigation-link error.

Latest Version: v1.0 (for PHP4/MySQL)
Admin Features: IP viewing, Delete Entries, custom width/fonts
Guest Fields: name, email, homepage, message

iPei is designed and scripted by Paley Wu
inspiration for layout came from Mac OS X :P
special thanks to Armin Borumand for catchpa codes

an Epistream production