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Tournament Pilot launched in April 2006 after half year of planning and four months of production. This site is dedicated to those who are looking to publish or manage tournaments online in a organized and interactive manner, allowing hosts and players and fans to be able to have a proper medium to post and get information regarding a tournament.

Tournament Pilot lets you create and manage tournaments of any game, sports, event... Our generic tournament bracket maker supports all kind of games that uses Elimination or Swiss tournament formats. T.P.'s tournament manager can output live updates for public viewing as each tournament progresses; and users, as well as hosts, may post comments and match notes for an complete interactive environment.

The production of this massive script/site involved hardcore PHP programming and constant use of SQL.

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Pre-Production Started: Fall of 2005
Officially Opened: April 7 2006

Supports both elimination and swiss tournament types and many management functionalities.
CBC encryption for user logins.
Running on PHP 4.1.14-std and MySQL.

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