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Online Ghibli first appeared on Epistream as an quick media guide to many Studio Ghibli movies made by Japan's animation masterminds Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.

Slowly Online Ghibli expanded with a new domain name and also hosted Miramax's official Princess Mononoke domain for a few month. Now O.G. has become an major source of Ghibli news, media, and information thanks to a community created within the site.

The redesign in Summer of 2006 boosted even more content to the site. The re-design gave a noir and Art Nouveau styling to the layout and also more organization to site's backend content management system.

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Project Started: January 18 2002
Officially Opened: March 17 2002
Second Edition Revamp: April 30 2006

March'02 to March'08 Stats:
14.14+ Million Pages Viewed
121.44+ Million HTTP Request Hits
5.28+ TB of bandwidth used
4079 Registered Forum Members
29 Studio Ghibli (and related) Movies Covered

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